Automated Mercurial Repositories of CTAN

This sites hosts automated Mercurial version control repositories for most packages of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. This is done to archive older versions of packages. The CTAN catalogue and files are imported daily and all changes are committed automatically to the repositories. The package versions in the catalogue are added as tags. The repositories can be cloned and pulled from but are read-only over the Mercurial interface.

The CTAN packages can be browsed on this site similar to AZ: Jim Hefferon's web views of CTAN and the official CTAN catalogue, but with the additional Mercurial material. While all CTAN package are listed here, not all of them are not under Mercurial version control. This site targets mainly (La)TeX packages. Obsolete, info-only and binary material like software distributions are currently not included.

This site is created by Martin Scharrer in the hope that it is useful. It is currently (Oct 2011) in alpha-stage, i.e. some things are still not finished. The archiving of packages has just begun and nearly no older versions are currently available.

The packages can be browsed according to:

In addition the complete Mercurial repository listing is available using hgweb. However it is quite slow compared to the rest of the site. It is better to browse to a specific package using the above ways and follow the direct link to its repository there.

The changelog of this site is available over the following two RSS feeds:

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